The Oasis 2 Restaurant & O2's Classic Catering​

Free Delivery to most of Downtown

Lunch offered Monday thru Friday 11am-2pm

Featured Items available - Call for details 239-334-9003

​Lunch & Dependencies price range: $2.83 - $8.50

Let's be civil

-A Scoop or Two on a bed of lettuce & sliced tomatoes (homemade chicken, tuna or egg salad)                              
-Homemade Chilled Salad of the day                                                                                    
-Chef Salad or Tammie’s Salad                                                                                                                                    --

-Hot Soups: Homemade Chili, Soup of the Day or Broccoli-Cheese                                                          


-B.L.T. or B.L.T. Wrap                                                                                                                                                     
-Club Wrap                                                                                                                                                                       
-Club Croissant or Classic Club                                                                                                                                   
-Turkey or Ham Deli Style Sandwich                                                                                                                        
-Half Deli or Salad styled Sandwich with a Cup of Soup
-Homemade Chicken, Tuna or Egg Salad on white, wheat, rye or wrap

                          flaky croissants or jumbo bagels available for a small upcharge 


-Classic Burger or Grilled Chicken Breast

                          yum it up with select toppings, cheeses and bacon                                                                
-Grilled Chicken Caesar Wrap                                                                                                                                      
-Patty Melt with sautéed onions & Swiss cheese on grilled rye                                                                        
-Turkey Melt: cheddar cheese, ranch dressing & sliced tomatoes on grilled sourdough 

                         add Apple wood smoked bacon for something special
-Grilled Cheese 
-Grilled Cheese and a cup of soup 
-Tuna Melt with sliced tomatoes and cheddar cheese on grilled rye                                                            

Hot & Cold sandwiches are served with a choice of classic potato chips, cheetos, homemade macaroni salad or the chilled salad of the day

trafficking nathan's famous hot dogs

-Nathan’s All Beef Hot Dog: top with mustard, onions, ketchup or relish                                                                                 
-Cheesy Dogs: choose from shredded cheddar or creamy cheese sauce

-Sauerkraut dog: with or without yellow or brown mustards                                                  
-Chili, Cheese & Onion dogs: our homemade chili, creamy cheese sauce and diced onions                    

Combo MEals

-One Dog Combo: Nathan's all beef hot dog, chips and a medium fountain drink

-Two Dog Combo: Nathan's all beef hot dogs, chips and a medium fountain drink

-One Nathan's dog and a half order of cheese nachos with a medium fountain drink                

-A slice of cheese or pepperoni pizza with a large fountain drink

-Two slices of cheese or pepperoni pizza with a large fountain drink    

-Loaded Nachos with a large fountain drink                                         


-Cheese or Pepperoni Pizza

-Soft Pretzels with or without melted cheese

-Cheese or Loaded Nachos

-Chips and Salsa