The Oasis 2 Restaurant & O2's Classic Catering​

O2's Classic Catering offer a wide variety of boxed, platter or buffet style breakfast, lunch and

dinners. We custom cater, so our menu reflects only a portion of our many options.

Contact us to discuss your ideas as we look forward to catering your event!

morning breaks

-Seasonal fresh fruit platter

-Yogurt Parfait and a fresh fruit platter

-Assorted breakfast pastries, muffins and danish

-Mini bagels and croissants with butter, jelly and cream cheese

afternoon breaks  

-Assorted candy bars, popcorn and peanuts

-Assorted cookie platter

-Seasonal fresh fruit platter

-Chips and salsa

-Cannoli & assorted Italian desserts

-Assorted pastry desserts

-Assorted cakes and pies

-Classic and Spicy Cajun trail mix

a - z all day meeting meals

A - Z Meeting Meals require a minimum order 10 and include two separate deliveries.

Your first delivery will be with breakfast and your morning break plus coffee, juice & bottled water.

The second delivery will have your lunch and afternoon break plus assorted soda, bottled water and iced tea.

option 1

-Breakfast:                The Continental

-Morning Break:       Assorted cereal and granola bars

-Lunch:                     Assorted deli sandwiches and wraps

-Afternoon Break:    Assorted candy bars, popcorn and peanuts

option 2

-Breakfast:                Breakfast Buffet

-Morning Break:       Fresh fruit platter

-Lunch:                     Signature sandwiches or assorted Quiche

-Afternoon Break:    Assorted cookie platter or Classic & Cajun trail mix

option 3

Breakfast:                  Country Breakfast

Morning Break:        Assorted muffins and pastries

Lunch:                      Soup & Salad buffet or Deli buffet

Afternoon Break:     Assorted cakes and pies

option 4

Breakfast:               The Continental

Morning Break:       Assorted cereal and granola bars

Lunch:                     Spaghetti with meat sauce and Bow Tie with fresh broccoli tossed

                                in a buttery garlic sauce served with a house salad and garlic toast

Afternoon Break:    Assorted Italian desserts or a fresh fruit platter